Image of Brooks Cambium C15 Saddle - NA - One size

Brooks Cambium C15 Saddle - NA - One size


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The Cambium C15 Saddle from Brooks works like a hammock, delivering immediate comfort while absorbing road vibration and shock, performance traditionally found only with natural leather saddles. The C15 is the first racing model in the cambium family. It is firm yet remarkably supple which means it has an increased performance on long journeys, cutting out the wasted effort perching on the saddle. The natural look and feel is down to the woven organic cotton textile used, which after going through the vulcanization process is treated with Brooks Numac to completely protect it from the elements. The C15 is designed to be ridden straight out of the box, requiring no initial care or ongoing maintenance. It also requires no special tools for servicing due to it being assembled from replaceable parts and an indestructible vulcanised rubber top, however should your C15 frame sustain any serious structural damage repairs can be done quickly and easily by either yourself or any trusted Brooks dealer. Available in Black, Natural or Rust colours.